Algebra 8/7 and Algebra 1 Full for Fall

Algebra 8/7 and Algebra 1 are full for the fall. I have three slots available for Algebra 2 and four slots available for Algebra 1/2.

Hi! My name is Charlotte Cushman. I have been homeschooling our children since September 2000. My experience has taught me that homeschool parents don’t have unlimited time. It is very difficult and time-consuming to personally tutor every lesson for every subject for every student in your homeschool.

YouTube videos and DVDs are great resources, but students who are not self-motivated or who struggle in math need a live teacher. They need someone who teaches the concept and is willing to circle back around and explain it until they understand. They need accountability in the classroom during instruction and someone who is checking for understanding throughout the class. Students do better when they are called on in class and have to listen and interact during a lesson. Many times a student struggles with math because they need more repetition, extra help with difficult concepts and feedback on what they are getting wrong in problem sets.

That is what I offer.

Twice a week your student will work alongside me in a small class setting as we work through the examples and practice problems of the Saxon text. There will be no more than four other students in their class (class size is limited to five students). Each student will be expected to ask and answer questions as well as participate in class. My goal is that each student will demonstrate an increasing understanding of the material as we work through it together.

For the 2021-2022 school year I am offering group tutoring for the classes below:

Before committing to the class, I will be glad to meet with you and your student online to make sure that the online set up is comfortable for you and will meet your needs.

If you are interested in enrolling please read below:

Step 1: You will need a stable internet connectionwebcam, microphone and headphones for class. You can confirm that the technology will work for you here: You will also need a complete set of Saxon textbooks for your class level. They do not need to be new, but they must be 3rd edition and include the solutions manual and test booklet with answers.

Step 2: Make sure the class days and times will work for your schedule. View a sample lesson.

Step 3: Apply for a slot by emailing or texting me for an appointment at or 843-592-1502. Please include your name and the class of your choice. We will set up an appointment to determine what your student needs and availability of seats in class.

Step 4: After confirmation of availability and acceptance into class you can pay below. Once you have paid, you will be sent a link for your student to join the weekly class. I accept PayPal, Venmo or if you pay for the year check.

Contact me @ 843-592-1502 or

What does this online class look like in action?

Need help with math for your homeschooled student?

Classes start the week of August 9th and are scheduled to end the week of April 25th.

You can click this link: Algebra 2 – Sample Lesson to see the student experience. Since this is a recording of the class, it loses some video quality.

This is lesson 111 in Saxon Algebra 2 (3rd Edition). This is what a typical lesson will look like. Underneath my video feed is where your student and other students would appear. We keep our video feed on during class. The main difference between this and a real lesson is that I would be interacting with the students the entire time and having them give me information from the problems or helping me work the problems. We go through each example and the practice problems. In addition, we will work additional related problems if there are not enough examples in the book.

Sample Whiteboard Lesson

Days and Times Changed! Now Classes will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays.

You can click this link: Algebra 1 – Lesson 69 – Factoring Trinomials to watch a video of a session I taped during the COVID shut down.

This video is very similar to the experience your student will have (minus the smacking while I eat… I was working through lunch to keep up with the new schedule when we migrated online!).

Keep in mind that you can only hear what I am saying because we are all using headphones… but the students are interacting as I teach on the whiteboard.

My Math Assistant Saxon Grader

From Charlotte –

Hey everyone! I came across this yesterday and am going to give this a try with my family to save time and make my math instruction more effective.

There is a program called My Math Assistant which automatically checks and grades Saxon math. I am going to to give it a try this year. It gives the student immediate feedback on whether they got their problem correct so that they are not practicing incorrectly.

This forces the students to seek help instead of just think “oh ok” and move on… because they don’t have the answer key in front of them to give them a false sense of confidence in their ability to do the problem. For those students who do not check their own work but rely on mom … it keeps them from having the excuse… “mom you didn’t have time to check it, so I couldn’t move on, skipped it etc.”

It grades practice problems, mixed practice and tests. You can customize what students have to complete to move on.

They have a free trial so that you can try it out and the pricing is reasonable. If you participate in Classical Conversations there is a discount for the first three months (message me privately if that applies to you).

If you are interested – this is the link

Group Tutoring Start August 10th

Counting down until August 10th!

Algebra 1/2, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 group tutoring on Mondays and Wednesdays. 70 minute sessions!

We use Saxon Algebra 3rd edition curriculum. We usually cover 2 lessons per session. This gives your student time to complete 4 lessons plus one test per school week.

Need more info? Check here or call me at 843-592-1502!