What does this online class look like in action?

Need help with math for your homeschooled student?

Classes start the week of August 9th and are scheduled to end the week of April 25th.

You can click this link: Algebra 2 – Sample Lesson to see the student experience. Since this is a recording of the class, it loses some video quality.

This is lesson 111 in Saxon Algebra 2 (3rd Edition). This is what a typical lesson will look like. Underneath my video feed is where your student and other students would appear. We keep our video feed on during class. The main difference between this and a real lesson is that I would be interacting with the students the entire time and having them give me information from the problems or helping me work the problems. We go through each example and the practice problems. In addition, we will work additional related problems if there are not enough examples in the book.

Published by Charlotte Cushman

Christian, homeschooling mother of 7, caring for my husband and family.

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