Charlotte Cushman

My story

Our family of nine has been homeschooling since 2000. We have graduated 3 students from our homeschool, with one college graduate and two current college students.

I received my Elementary Education degree from Liberty University in 2018. My dream is to open a non-profit Christian school for at-risk students when our youngest graduates from high school in 2027.

In school, math was a struggle for me. I felt left behind in the classroom. When I decided to enroll in college to get my teaching degree I was faced with math courses once again. This experience made me realize that I was capable of learning math. Although it was challenging, I was able to tackle those classes with work and practice. This is also true for many other students. Math may not come easily, but with added encouragement and extra help, they are capable of more.

For the last three years I have enjoyed tutoring math in addition to homeschooling my own children. I love to see how a student becomes confident because they have finally understood a concept.

I look forward to working with your student!

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