Charlotte Cushman

My story

Our family started homeschooling in 2000. We have a college graduate, two current college students and three students that are still homeschooled. I received my Elementary Education degree from Liberty University in 2018. My dream is to open a non-profit Christian school for at-risk students when our youngest graduates from high school in 2027.

When I went to school, math was a struggle for me and I felt left behind in the classroom. As an adult, when I decided to enroll in college to get my teaching degree, I faced math courses once again. This time it was different. I really wanted to learn the subject and found that although it was not easy for me, I was capable of learning the material .

While helping my own children with math, I realized that many times a student struggles with math because they need more repetition, extra help with difficult concepts and feedback on what they are getting wrong in problem sets. Over the last four years, I have enjoyed helping students become more confident with a subject that does not come naturally for them.

Over the past year, I transitioned to online teaching because of the challenges of COVID. The small class format has worked well for me and has been convenient for my students and my family. I am looking forward to partnering with you and helping your homeschool student.

The cost of class is $65.00 per month/9 months or you can pay a discounted yearly price of $490.00 ($95.00 savings). I accept monthly payments through PayPal or Venmo or if you pay for the year you may pay by check.

Contact me @ 843-592-1502 or

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